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We provide chip timing services for all kinds of sporting events.

We offer a full range of chip timing services and are able to time a race in stages (perfect for triathlons), give an overall race time for each and every participant or just provide an inflatable start and finish line arch – We work to your specific race needs.

We can also provide professional indoor and outdoor PA systems to give your event (and your voice) an extra sound boost.

Our Services

If you would like to know more about the equipment and services we provide please view ‘Our Services and Equipment’.

If you have a specific query regarding chip timing or would like to know if we can cover your event please complete the ‘Event Timing Enquiry’ form.


We hope you enjoyed the event and congratulations on making it all the way to the finish line – We’re proud of you!

I’m sure you’re eager to know how you got on in your event so let’s not waste anymore time.  To view your race go to ‘Results’ and choose the event you participated in.


You can view past events to check your results or view future events.  Details of all events have links to the organiser’s page where you can view the full details and enter the race online.